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iScholar OSS 1.0 Released

iScholar is a content-neutral authoring and publishing system that can be used to write on-line quizzes, exams, and e-learning course pages on virtually any topic. iScholar is ideally suited to deliver or supplement the courses and curriculum of

* Professional Training Programs
* Corporate Training Programs
* Distance Education and Continuing Education
* University Courses
* Grade School or High School Classes... read more

Posted by webpearls 2006-01-05

iScholar Goes Opensource!

iScholar is proud to be joining the Open Source community at SourceForge. We look forward to collaborating with you to make iScholar the premier Open Source E-Learning and Corporate Training system on the net!

Web Pearls Inc will continue to offer iScholar hosting as well as support and contract-based development (including content development ) for new and existing customers. We look forward to working with you via SourceForge's many excellent collaborative tools.

Posted by webpearls 2006-01-05