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Iron Fist / News: Recent posts

Iron Fist 1.5.0

Iron Fist Version 1.5.0 has now been uploaded to SVN. Get it now!!! Screenshot have been updated as well. the next few entries will be the changelogs for the game!

Posted by Leviscus Tempris 2012-03-02

Iron Fist Version 1.5.0 (Alpha 1)

The awaited release of Iron Fist 1.5 is scheduled for Friday, March 2nd, 2012. It is based on Red Eclipse 1.2, so don't expect much difference. What you can expect is more updates in the future for Iron Fist.

Posted by Leviscus Tempris 2012-03-01

New Development! IF Version 1.4.7-211

There have been many months of preperation for this day! I have great news! Iron Fist Version 1.4.7 is being polished up for beta testing soon. Beta Test will include 4 temporary maps.

Polishing of game includes finishing of menu systems. After that, the game will be posted. SVN may be posted in a few months afterwards.

Email cureproductions@live.com to sign up for Beta Testing!

Posted by Leviscus Tempris 2011-11-10

Development Progress

Progress on the development for Iron Fist is due to be released for the month of February, 2011. As well as for the previous four months that development has been documented.

The reports contain semi-detailed entries ordered by most recent day, and by the time in which they are made.

They will be posted as news items by the end of each month. By doing this I hope that those who are interested in Iron Fist development can get a better understanding of the project as a whole.

Posted by Leviscus Tempris 2011-02-28

Beta Release

A Beta release is currently in the works. By the time I get to developing the Beta, Campaign mode will most likely be a priority, since multi-player will be completed by then.

WHEN the Beta release will come out, I don't know. Hopefully, an Alpha version will be out by August 2011, after it's latest debute at LibertyCon near Chattanooga, TN. It all depends on when I can get more people on board to help with thee development. ... read more

Posted by Leviscus Tempris 2011-02-08


Once again I have received attacks from anonymous individuals. It is not so much the fact that you disrespect me or the game. Everyone is free to their own opinion.

I'm more than sure that compared to commercial games and other free open source ones mine looks retarded. The game sucks, I know, but only because I don't have anyone to help me with it.

If you see other games, you notice that most of the time they are made by professionals, I am not a professional, I do this on my own time, without any knowledge of how to program or anything. I am a high school student, and to tell you the truth, there aren't many high school students trying to do what I'm doing. ... read more

Posted by Leviscus Tempris 2011-01-31

Recent Reviews

A set of recent reviews grabbed my attention. The general theme was that the game simply sucks, with no further explanation. I only want everyone to know that yes, the game sucks, and I'll agree with that. But it only sucks because I am the only one putting the project together. I have worked three years on this and am 17 years of age.

If you think that you can do any better, I'll be happy to look at your own game. Otherwise, don't disrespect people's work. You only show that you have no perspective on the matter at hand, and that comes across to others as ignorance. If you, as many others have, feel the need to express your opinions, be my guest. ... read more

Posted by Leviscus Tempris 2011-01-24

Missing Files

There have been reported missing files in the past weeks. I want to everyone to know that this is on purpose. There are, as it is most commonly stated, no weapons in the game. This is true, and weapons will be developed for the game in the next few months.

Posted by Leviscus Tempris 2011-01-19

File Removed

A corrupt file: "Iron Fist (Ver - 1.3.7) Patch Zip File.zip" file has been deleted due to corruption reasons. The file transfer was interupted and as such was not completed. A new 1.3.7 version will be released in the next week (1/18/2011 - 1/20/2011). I am sorry for this inconvienience.

Posted by Leviscus Tempris 2011-01-18

File Renamed

"Iron Fist (Ver - 3.5.6) Patch Zip File.zip" has now been renamed "Iron Fist (Ver - 1.3.6) Patch Zip File.zip". It was a mistake in the naming. It only shows we are all human. ;)

Posted by Leviscus Tempris 2011-01-18

SVN now available

You may now follow up on the latest updates with SVN!

Posted by Leviscus Tempris 2011-01-13

Iron Fist (Ver - 3.5.6) Patch

The Iron Fist (Ver - 3.5.6) Patch Zip File is now available download! Make sure to download the origional Iron Fist (Ver - 3.5.5) Zip File beforehand.

Posted by Leviscus Tempris 2011-01-13

Pre-Alpha Testing

A Pre-Release version is scheduled to be available for pre-alpha testing on 1-5-11. All who wish to be active in testing of Iron Fist may email Cure at:

Anyone who is not interested in active testing may still download this pre-alpha version regardless.

All active testing participants can have their names added into the credits for the alpha release if so desired.

Posted by Leviscus Tempris 2010-11-15

Features Recently Added

+In the last week I have added a new radar to the game, alike the one found in blood frontier a2 with the ping. only i turned it into a doppler radar(one with the line that circles the image and refreshes it)
+Also added in the past year are the following weapons: blaster, gamma ray, laser pistol, rocket launcher, vibro sword, melee, pistol. - in addition to plasma gun, shotgun, chaingun, carbine, flame thrower, sniper rifle. a total of 12 weapons
+more dynamic scoreboard, still a bit simple though....
+a team logo splash screen in beginning of the game
+a feature that allows you to expand the radar in-game
kept the tv radar style for display when in a mode not alive nor dead
+a dynamic crosshair to show current weapon spread
+dynamic weapon spread affects even multi shot weapons(shotgun, blaster, carbine...) - more for fun than realism, also make the game much more strategic
+made players run faster, might change this, they kindda run too fast to shoot at.
+tabbed main menu - might sound unimportant, but is quite handy.
+kept carbine weapon but now shoots 3 rounds at once, making it more unique, sorry, but i like the carbine way too much, i think that it has some more potential
+eject rounds for weapons
+more realistic weapon particle effects(explosions are now Jak X style with fire balls and everything) - if you dont know, look up "Jak X" online for screenshots
+in game menu pocket guide for in-game help
+loadscreen/background time/date - not essential, but it looks nice
+decals based on material(glass == shattered decal)
+bubble capitation when bullets go through water... read more

Posted by Leviscus Tempris 2010-10-29

Release Date

Iron Fist has been now set to release in August of 2011, and could also be released even sooner if initial development completes.

Posted by Leviscus Tempris 2010-10-29