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IRMP3 v0.5.7 available

The first release for a while with a new project maintainer (Michael Behrisch <>), only a few new features (see the ChangeLog), and a fresh subversion repository. It is considered a quite stable version, although we cannot test on many platforms.

Have fun with it!

Posted by Michael Behrisch 2007-02-15

Moved to Subversion

Taking effect immediately the source code repository for irmp3 is managed using subversion. See the relevant sourceforge documentation for detailed information

Posted by Michael Behrisch 2007-01-27

New project maintainer

Starting with the new year 2007, irmp3 has a new project maintainer, Michael Behrisch. Please direct all inquiries concerning the project to irmp3-discussion mailing list, I will answer via the list then.

Posted by Michael Behrisch 2007-01-16

irmp3 v0.4.4-pre1 available

This first release of irmp3 v0.4.4 features a new module which enables you to browse through your entire mp3 collection without taking hands off your remote control - plus a lot of bugfixes and extra configuration options.

Posted by Volker Wegert 2002-09-20

IRMP3 v0.4.3-pre6 available

A new code release is available for IRMP3, the mobile multimedia jukebox for Linux at

New features include:
New module: mod_cd adds support for playing/ejecting compact disc media.
(submitted by Vladimir Nadvornik)
mod_netctl will now reuse sockets with waiting processes.
(submission by J. Neumann-Zdralek)
The configuration file now specifies the default repeat mode and the playlist skipback timeout.
(submitted by Heinrich Langos)
Support for localized times/dates on the clock display.
(submitted by Jrgen Neumann-Zdralek)
log.c now has a configurable date/time format.
(submitted by S.Smith & D.Potter)
Added visible alarm enable/disable indicator.
(submitted by David Potter)
Eradicated "info end" from all modules. mod_lcdproc will now update a little faster.
(submitted by David Potter).
Fixed a bug which caused problems for network clients trying to disconnect while mpg123 was playing.
(submitted by David Potter)
Fixed a bug which could display the wrong artist name for songs without an ID3.
(submitted by Simon Smith)
Fixed a bug associated with aborting when mpg123 reports unknown status.
(submitted by Heinrich Langos)
Fixed a bug with "playlist jumpdir -1"
(submitted by Heinrich Langos)
Fixed a bug which affected jumping to an absolute song reference in a playlist.
(submitted by David Potter)
Reduced logging noisyness for mod_idle.
(submitted by David Potter)
Added query command to allow modules to query information about the song currently playing, or the state of mixer devices.
(submitted by David Potter)
New default setting in mod_lcdproc disables the heartbeat icon.
(submitted by Steffen Uhlig)
Fixed a bug which would cause IRMP3 to stop receiving LIRC commands if the beep player produced on stdout.
(submitted by David Potter)

Posted by David Potter 2001-05-18

IRMP3 v0.4.3-pre5 available

March 23, 2001
IRMP3 v0.4.3-pre5 is available on the download page as an early-deployment release. For a stable release, please download v0.4.2, which has undergone quite a bit of testing.

New features/bugfixes include:

Added a config variable to irmp3.conf which allows the user to specify if IRMP3 should abort playback on unknown
messages from mpg123.
(submitted by David Potter)
Overhauled mod_beep to allow other modules to register beep events.
(submitted by David Potter)
Removed the hardcoded reference to "vol" as the master volume mixer channel.
(submitted by David Potter)
New module: mod_idle detects idle condition and notifies other modules.
(submitted by David Potter)
Modified mod_autoshutdown to rely upon mod_idle
(submitted by David Potter)
New feature: IRMP3 can now display a clock on the LCD when it is idle.
(submitted by David Potter)
New feature: Ability to have IRMP3 automatically execute a command upon shutdown.
(submitted by David Potter)
Fixed a problem that occasionally caused mod_netctl to fail to function while in daemon mode.
(submitted by Sjoerd Simons)
Fixed a problem with specifying an alternate configuration file
(submitted by Sjoerd Simons)

Posted by David Potter 2001-03-27