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d0x Irig 106 Library / News: Recent posts

Import on CVS

The same files as those on the SVN as been uploaded on the CVS.

Posted by P4r4d0X 2007-08-22

First Import

Hi, this is my first project on sourceforge so there might be some mistakes in the way I configure it. I uploaded my current work which is available on the svn.
As the Irig 106 Norm is currently evolving there is lots of things to do on the project.
For now, there are few things which are working in the project because I don't even have the first "release" yet.
I don't have lot's of files to test the project and they are quite hard to find because they require special equipment, so if YOU have or if you know WHERE to find some please let me know.
If you have any comment or if you need help on the code don't hesitate to ask me.
Some more comments and documentation will be provided with the project as soon as I find time to do it.

Posted by P4r4d0X 2007-08-21