#2 Elevation of the sun


Am I right that value "Elevation of the sun at the day / night transition (in degrees)" can be counted by using this http://www.jgiesen.de/elevaz/index.htm applets value "Max. Elev."?

If so, would it be possible to integrate this applet to your application so user doesn't have to count this value manually?


  • Sorry for the lack of documentation. This parameter has not to be computed by the user. This parameters specifies how IridiumFlares determines the day from the night.
    IridiumFlares actually already computes the sun elevation. This parameter is an arbitrary value that you can set to tell when the night begins. It correspond to the sun elevation above the horizon at twilight.
    By default, the value is -6° (6° below the horizon) which correspond to the standard civil twilight.
    Thus, when computing the flares, if the sun elevation is above this value, then the flare is considered as a daytime flare, if the value is below, it is considered as a nighttime flare.
    This parameter is taken into account only when the "Ignore daytime flares" box is checked.

  • Martin

    Well, if that so then maybe design should be slightly altered for example this way:
    Group components checkbox "Ignore daytime flares" and box "Elevation of the sun at the day / night transition (in degrees)" for showing relation between them.
    Then add tooltip text, or simply add text to box "Elevation of the sun at the day / night transition (in degrees)" saying something like "Default value is -6°, but not necessary to set this.".
    And make -6 as a default value when nothing is entered. To not to cast error. ;)

    Another related thing:
    Is value -6 constant for all time of the year and everywhere on the Earth?
    If not and IridiumFlares computes this value, then why bother user with this decision?
    And if this value is constant everywhere and all year long then the same conclusion - why bother him? Unless keep him this option and even expand it by adding option to choose dawn and twilight in hours, not only degrees.

    Hope I'm not being too pushy. ;)