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First iReal GL Based Game Released!

We are proud to present WebCity (Alpha 0.1 - working title) for Open Alpha. Please visit to create your player account and play the game! It is loosley based on SimCity, in a multiplayer web-based environment.
The sources will be released once the bugs have been worked out; please submit any Bugs/Feature Requests via the iReal-GL project page.
The iReal Team

Posted by Guy Thompson 2001-11-13

iReal GL & Utilities 1.0 Released

The iReal Games Library and associated Utilities v1.0 have now been released in source code format. This release covers world management and a tile based graphical back end.
Utilities are also included for converting between iReal GL Tile Sets and TIFF files enabling the level designer to import their painstakingly handcrafted tiles.

Posted by Guy Thompson 2001-10-26

Tile Management Classes now available!

The CTile and CTileHolder classes for RGB Pixel based Tiles are now available, along with load and save functionality.
These classes are capable of being used to contain palette based tile information for display in a variety of gaming situations. Enjoy!

Posted by Guy Thompson 2001-10-24

CPalette 1.0 released!

The first public release of CPalette has been made. Possibly slightly buggy, compiled OK, uses existing CGrid tested functionality so should be usable. Load/Save included. Next step is the CTile class - watch this space.

Posted by Guy Thompson 2001-10-22

iReal-GL 1.0 : Another step closer

With the release of the CWorld Module, the iReal-GL World Management library comes one step closer to completion.
We are currently working on the tile based world module, and documentation for CWorld.
Check out the latest updates at

Posted by Guy Thompson 2001-10-19

CGrid 1.4 *final* Relased!

The final, fully working CGrid Module is up and usable right away. Please see associated documentation for details.

Posted by Guy Thompson 2001-10-16

CGrid 1.3 Released!

Now with added functionality such as the ability to randomize the grid for all you landscapers, and border/fill it for the maze generators amongst you!

Posted by Guy Thompson 2001-10-16

DistanceBetween function added to CGrid

The DistanceBetween function is now in the CVS version of the CGrid Module.
Please requst other features that YOU would like, either for the CGrid Module, or other Modules that you need or would like to see.

Posted by Guy Thompson 2001-10-15

CGrid v1.0 Released

CGrid is out, in a *very* simple incarnation.
We are now accepting Feature Requests for v1.1, so now is the time to get them in. Hint, hint.
For updated info, check the web site at .
Relase Eraly, Rlease Otfen ;)

Posted by Guy Thompson 2001-10-12

Web Site Up

The iRealGL web site is now up and running, with an updated Roadmap. Point your browser at and feedback throug the eusual channels on SF.

Posted by Guy Thompson 2001-10-10