Hi all  and thanks for your Immediate response,
1) I like to know are there any sniffers to trace my irda packet.
2) Does skbuff(socket buffer) has a  any pointer to irda entity.
3) What are SIR,MIR and FIR modes in Irda where can i get details about these modes. can i get any chipset details in open regarding these modes.
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On 10/10/07, linux babu <linuxsrbabu@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,
Iam new to linux Irda subsystem, i have an usb-irda dongle, iam analysing the code in linux i have  few questions can anyone help me
1) how an application ftp protocol can Transmit data to Irda device, where does irda stack come into picture, whether is it
Application Ftp, tcp, ip,       usb irda driver,usb bridge Then where does irda stack come into picture.
2) when iam transmitting data from Irda device to host from usb-driver who will take data whether it is Irda stack or Ip layer iam getting
confused at this part.can any one can explain please.
3)where ican get documents on Irda protocol.
4) will irda stack supports linux-2.6.11 kernel.

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