Dumb Serial Rx Only over USB Required

  • I have a piece of equipment which transmits serial data over IrDA but does not use the IRDA bidirectional protocol as I understand it. I think I need to modify IRComm2k to basically get at the raw data being received and output this over the virtual serial port ignoring the IRDA protocol stack.

    Has anyone any experience of how to do this as I know very little about C coding.

    • Hi, I have the same issue like yours. I've tried to modify the code of IrComm2K, then I found out that It's so hard to change it. Because the foundation device driver called 'irda2k.sys' includes the lower infrared NDIS device driver. If I remove this IrDA protocol stack, this infrared NDIS device driver would be removed also. We have another idea to do that.

    • If you get anywhere I would be keen to hear. I  also have an enquiry in re an IrDA to Serial interface that purports to do physical layer only. See what I get back. Be nice to use a USB device though since they are cheap as.