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#11 Various clients glined by litmus single-word-version rule


Various IRC clients are wrongfully glined by the
single-word-version reply rule, namely less popular
ones. At the moment, there are work arounds in place
that exempt Trillian, eMule and WebTV from being
glined. However others are glined as they are believed
to the litmus trojan.

To me, manually whitelisting all these clients takes
time, and it also takes time for people to update their
version of IRC Defender, and merge any changes they've
made across to the current version. It also takes time
to try and make this happen on IRC networks that run
the IRC Defender software, that you have no control
over. It would take several weeks before the lastest
small IRC client project is added to the whitelist.
While it is suggested that we modify the IRC clients to
have a >1 word version reply, this is just silly.
Nowhere in the IRC protocol specifications does it say
this is a requirement. And how long before clients
with two word version replies are glined under a
similar ruling?

However, after some investigation, I've found that the
Backdoor.Litmus trojan doesn't present a single word
version reply at all.

John C. Hennessy on Tue, 12 Mar 2002 06:37:10 -0800
wrote: [1]
> A CTCP version request to the clients returned this:
> Litmus 2.03 (C)2001 The Litmus Group :(random quote)

Therefore, it seems that this rule is entirely
redundant. I'm requesting for the behaviour to be
removed, as it seems that it won't stop litmus clients
from connecting to a network at all.



    • priority: 5 --> 8