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cvs has been enabled

ipupdate 1.1.1 has been imported into the repository. This should make updating ipupdate more convenient on me as well as make available any changes I've committed that are not yet part of a release.

Posted by Dave Clark 2006-12-30

ipupdate 1.1.1 rpms available

On December 18th, ipupdate 1.1.1 was released to fix a major issue with sending updates to Microsoft DNS Server. Today, however, I've added RPM distributions to the binary and source releases for convenience on RPM supporting platforms. All new version releases after this will come with spec files so that rpms can be built directly from the tarball.

Posted by Dave Clark 2006-01-04

ipupdate 1.1.0 released

The latest version of ipupdate supports unsecured dynamic update in addition to TSIG secured. This opens the doors for use with Microsoft DNS Server as long as you take proper security precautions. Also, the failover getip tool was added to make it simple for administrators to change their DNS to a failover server if the main server goes offline.

A large number of bug fixes and minor features/tweaks have been made so take a look at the ChangeLog to see what all is new. The documentation has been updated. In particular, the getip(7) manpage has been added so that failover and other tools are properly documented.... read more

Posted by Dave Clark 2005-11-21

ipupdate maintenance releases

Since its inception, I've released several maintenance revisions. Of the 3 digit version number, the last digit is the maintenance revision. A maintenance revision is released whenever there is a serious bug, or if I make so many minor tweaks and fixes that it justifies another release.

The second version digit is a feature revision. A feature revision is released whenever there are significant features added to the program. ipupdate 1.0.x source currently comes with a TODO list that will be available in the next feature release.... read more

Posted by Dave Clark 2005-09-09

Documentation is online

I've finished putting up the basics for the website at the "Home Page" link above. A list of features, and some documentation is available for the viewing.

Posted by Dave Clark 2005-08-26

ipupdate 1.0.0 released

This is the initial release. This release is considered stable.

Posted by Dave Clark 2005-08-26

So it begins...

Just now got the sourceforge ipupdate project started with a bit of configuration. I'll be releasing files tomorrow.

Posted by Dave Clark 2005-08-24