#1 IPPlan capabilities


I am charged with getting our rwhois server setup
and handing out correct information for our
customers. While the basic administration of the raw
files is humanly possible, they are very ugly and are
not something that I feel comfortable handing off to
another person to keep updated.

From looking around at IPPlan, it was my
understanding that it would let me administer the
networks and setup who was the contact for specific
subnets (which it does). Unfortunatly, I have put all
this nice data into IPPlan but I can't get that data
into my rwhois server files. Am I missing something,
or is this a project left to another programmer (or
me :)?

If I could use IPPlan to generate the rwhois
schema/data/soa/etc files and directories that would
be excellent!

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    Have you looked at the SWIP information? This allows you to
    generate info directly to ARIN. I know that this is not
    quite what you are looking for, but it could be a start to
    get the info in the format you want. Also, there is a file
    called INTERNALS that comes with the package which describes
    you guessed it, the internal workings of ipplan :-)

    Getting info out of the databases is fairly simple and I
    make a point of not messing with existing database
    structures. I just add new tables as needed, so you are
    pretty safe that nothing will break with future versions.

    Probably the easiest way to get info out of the databases
    periodically is using PERL (or whatever language rocks your
    boat) and formatting it the way you wish for feeding into
    another system.

    Sorry I cannot help you any further with actual code or
    ideas, but I do not use any of the systems you do. If your
    code is fairly generic and neat, I will have no problem
    adding at as a contrib. I am open to discussion on
    implementation and how things work.

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    IPplan now has an API which can be used to export the info
    into any format you require. Use the API to write a filter
    to get the info and import it into whois. Any contribution
    will be most welcome for a working filter.

    • status: open --> closed