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  • Drew Garthe
    Drew Garthe

    I need some help folks - I have read through the documentation several times, looked through the forums, but still can't seem to grasp how to get the templates working. I would like to modify the basetemplate.xml to have a circuit ID show up. The problem I am having is that when I browse to the subnet page, nothing shows up. I have a good grasp on the xml and what each of the fields mean - I just don't know how to invoke the templates or find out where the changes actually show up. Does anyone have a good tutorial on using the templates and where to look for their output?

  • Note that you will not see extra columns on the displaysubnet.php page. You will need to click through to the subnet details to see the template fields. Also you must ensure that there are no errors in the xml - even a misplaced space will cause the parser to reject the xml. XML needs to be 100% unlike HTML. Follow the suggestions in the documentation to verify the template.

  • I was just about to type the exact message as drewgarthe. The templates concept, okay I'm getting. But implementing it is where I get stuck.

    I re-read all of the forum posts I could before posting. I see that these templates DO NOT affect the column layout of the IP list.

    The XML templates are only for the DETAILS of the various input forms. Correct?
    And if I add additional fields to an XML template, the new fields will be added to the database? Correct?

    And, I also see that it is rather difficult to actually change the column layout of the IP list, with the exeption of the MAC address swap that can be changed via the config.php file. Correct?

    So…. How can we get the column layout to be more customizable? I really need 3 or 4 more columns of data.

    Am I gonna have to make an SVN repository for ipplan and then hack it to pieces? (don't answer that. I know the answer)

    ipplan is great. It's working for us. I just wish I was a better/faster PHP programmer.


  • Fred Pohl
    Fred Pohl

    I am having a similar problem. I created a few extra fields on the basetemplate.xml file.
    WHen I create a new SUBNET, the field appears as ADDITIONAL INFORMATION as expected.
    THe problem I have is when I search for the subnet on the DISPLAY SUBNET INFORMATION. THe extra field I created does not appear on the Search Result webpage.

    The basetemplate.xml located at /templates/display is as follows:
    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
         <DEFINITION NAME="field1" DESCRIP="Vlan" TYPE="C" MAXLENGTH="100" SIZE="80" REGEX="" ERRMSG="Invalid field: Additional information" />