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Ipplan Nmap problem

  • cyrej

    Any idea how to fix this problem???  i just try to run again http://localhost/ipplan/admin/install.php to see the error and found this proble.
    #Could not execute NMAP as defined by path C:\Program Files\nmap\nmap.exe - check path
    #The above commands need to be executed by the administrator to update the database schema for IPplan to v4.92b. There may be no commands required.

    I've been trying to used NMAP to scan IP but never been successful. I already change Nmap directory in ipplan-poller.php
    to define("NMAP", 'C:\Program Files\Nmap\nmap.exe'); but still if i run nmap in command line it will not update when i will
    click show used address, then show used adress button will suddenly disappear. Hope someone can help me with this probem.