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Problems with install script

Joel Bell
  • Joel Bell
    Joel Bell

    Here is the message I get when trying to install.

    Deprecated: Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated in /home/clearcom/public_html/ipplan/ipplanlib.php on line 68
    #snmp support not compiled into php
    #importing from routing tables and direct query of device will not work
    #zlib support compiled into php
    #output to webrowser will be compressed for quicker loading of pages if web browser supports compression
    #File uploads to ip records may not work - unable to create file in /var/spool/ipplanuploads - check permissions
    #DNS zone file exports do not work - unable to create file in /tmp/dns/ - check permissions
    #DHCP exports do not work - unable to create file in /tmp/dhcp/ - check permissions
    CREATE TABLE area (
    areaaddr                 VARCHAR(39) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
    descrip                  VARCHAR(80) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
    areaindex                BIGINT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    customer                 SMALLINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
                     PRIMARY KEY (areaindex)

    Failed to execute above statement against database
    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'TYPE=INNODB' at line 7

  • Marcus Morais
    Marcus Morais

    Hello, the errors from PHP you can search at google and you i'll get the correct path. The file upload problem is easy. Just run "mkdir /var/spool/ipplanuploads" and "chown apache.root /var/spool/ipplanuploads" and the dns message is because you don't have the file dns in /tmp. Just run mkdir /tmp/dns or change the path/file in config.php. The MySQL erro is because the version of MySQL if I not wrong but to solve, just change "TYPE" by "ENGINE" word in all file and run SQL statements again.

    Hope this helps.


  • Kamal

    What files do I need to go to change "TYPE" to "ENGINE"

  • Kamal

    Update -

    For me I had to edit ipplanlib.php, uncommenting 2 lines (67 and 69)
    if (phpversion()<"5.3") {

    Then go to admin/schemacreate.php, on line 46 change:

    $taboptarray = array('mysql' => 'TYPE=INNODB');
    $taboptarray = array('mysql' => 'ENGINE=INNODB');