Thanks George

The link you suggested gave me the clues I needed to get the VPN up and running which has been running stable for over 2 weeks now :-)

After looking at the script things got a lot easier

Thanks again everyone for your help


On 5/24/06, George Borisov < > wrote:
Zac Barton wrote:

> My local machines ip is
> Remote VPN gateway public ip
> Remote VPN private network (
> My VPN client address (If the VPN does connect a user with
> ip can view my machine ( thru this ip address)


> sainfo address any address any


> spdadd any -P in ipsec
> esp/tunnel/;
> spdadd any -P out ipsec
> esp/tunnel/

I think your problem is to do with the IPSec policies. I have had a look
at using racoon as a VPN client and it looks a little bit different to
the LAN-LAN setup I am using (in terms of generating the policies.)

Have a look here:

Also, look at the files in your
"/usr/share/doc/racoon/examples/roadwarrior/client" folder.

Hope this helps,

George Borisov

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