I don't have any information about it but anyway I want to remind PAM option, if there is?

So ifyou can use PAM auth with ipsectool, you can use everything.

best Regards,

2012/10/6 Tezcan GULNAZ <tgulnaz@yahoo.co.uk>
Markus Lude <markus.lude@...> writes:
> Hello,
> I tried to configure racoon to authenticate VPN users through LDAP
> against AD.
> Anonymous bind doesn't work. If I use a scout user for the bind, binding
> works, but I'm so far unable to authenticate. I've problems especially
> with the right settings of the attr_* variables in ldapcfg.
> Has anyone a working configuration or some hints on the configuration?
> Kind regards,
> Markus
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Hi Markus,

did you find any solution to authenticate VPN users via LDAP Active directory
with Racoon IPSEC VPN server?

I have ipsec-tools 8.0 version but its not coming built in LDAP module and i
couldt find any solution right now for AD authentication over Linux server
i ll be appreciate if you give me some tricks.



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