Thanks for the answers.
But I think I was not very clear.
I have an AES implemented in hardware and I call it using C.  I just want to make a branch in the ipsec-tools to call my AES instead of the one that comes with ipsec-tools.
I'm changing the parser and I want to know what all the things I have to change in setkey and racoon.
For example: which function calls the cryptographyc algorithm?
I'm looking at the struct m_sa. I have to use it to make the branch?

Thanks in advance!

2006/11/24, Emmanuel Dreyfus <>:
Marcelo Marleta <> wrote:

> Hi all! I'm new in the list.
> I ported sucessfully ipsec-tools to uClinux on Nios CPU (that doesn't have
> MMU).
> Now I need to put my own AES cryptographyc algorithm that is fully
> implemented in hardware to improve the performance.
> Can someone help me ? What changes I need to do in the code to use my own
> AES instead the kernel one?

BSD systems have an alternative kernel IPsec implementation called
FAST_IPSEC that is designed to allow async crypto computing so that it
can be deletagted to a specialized CPU. I don't know if Linux has
something similar.  If it does not, I bet you'll have to create it.

Emmanuel Dreyfus