Restart/shutdown/wakeup pc

  • Hello. I am not a programmer but I found IP scanner very useful. I am currently managing about 300 workstations. I use this to check which users are logged on to which workstations. It is very fast to find it (What I did in the past is to check our inventory database in MS Access format, and it is quite time-consuming).

    I would suggest if IP scanner supports restart/shutdown function in the future? In normal Windows environment, we used "Shutdown" command-line to shutdown or restart a pc remotely in the network. If IP scanner can also provide these kinds of functions, it will be extremely useful. Also, if wakeup on lan function can also be developed in the future(at present, IP scanner can only detect MAC address of the computer), then we can only need to use IP scanner to control all the computers remotely at one click.

    Noddy from Hong Kong

    • I added several custom openers to perform these tasks. For example, to Restart a system I added "shutdown -m \%s -r" as the Execution String and "C:\Windows\System32" for the Working Directory. I have not tried using shell variables such as "%WINDIR%\System32" as our entire network is WinXP-based and would not vary but they might work.

      I have added custom openers for items such as a VNC Viewer, RDP Connection, Shutdown, Restart, Abort Shutdown, load the Dell OpenManage Console Window, and even linked it to some other utilities to ready software product keys, etc.

    • merci beaucoup