#46 Scan Ports option box

Anton Keks
Windows (24)

The 'scan ports' option box will not stay checked
between uses of the program. I execute Angry IP
Scanner from the command line with a batch program,
and it will not keep that option active between uses,
making the option to display only open ports useless to
me... otherwise this is a fantastic program. Running it
on WinXP Pro. humphrey2u at hotmail.com


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    I too ran into this bug, and telling the system to scan alive
    systems seems to make this work. Of course then you have
    to go through the data and get rid of the hosts that didn't
    hae the port open, but at least that seems to help.

  • Bill S.
    Bill S.

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    Is there any update on this request? I am also experiencing
    this same issue.
    I am trying to write a command file that runs Angry IP Scan
    v2.21 against a group of subnets. The command file will
    execute the program against each of the subnets that are
    used in different buildings. When the program is started with
    the command line { "C:\Program Files\Angry IP
    Scanner\ipscan.exe" bldg-1.cvs -
    f:csv } I receive a pop up error message stating { Conflicting
    options: Display only open ports selected, but port scanning
    is not enabled! }. After I OK the message, the regular
    scanner screen is displayed and the checkbox to the left of
    the words { Scan ports ... 113,1639 } is cleared. It was
    checked when I saved the options, and the registry key {
    } is set to 1. It looks like the registry value is not getting
    read in as the program starts. Is there a way to override this
    when the program starts so I can get a command line port
    scan to run?

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