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iSpider will go on, but with other name and other location

The iSpider (python) application, which is allready famous for its ease of use will go on with the official name: iPodder. The slogan will be iPodder, based on the iSpider engine. The team who setted up the iPodder project offered us this great oppertunity. Next to 'codename iSpider' the .java based iPodder version will also be available. Though, these versions are totally different because of their different languages and usage.

Now it's time to finish up the clinches, connect the interface and make it available for all those people out there who are dying for good podcasts.

More or less nothing changed, other than the extra Java developers and change of location. Please check our latest versions in the download section.

The iSpider team.

Posted by Venrooy 2004-09-22