He smaller boy first caught sight of the box in the middle of the sidewalk. "Hello! Wot's dis?" he grunted,
making a dash upon it. "Gee! Wot's up?" responded the other, who was instantly at his elbow. "Gwan! Lemme look at it." The smaller boy drew away and pressed the spring of the box eagerly.
_Ping!_ Out popped the Jack into his astonished face; whereupon
he set up a guffaw. "Give it here!"
commanded the bigger boy. "Naw! You let it
alone! It's mine!" asserted the other, edging away along the curbstone. "I saw it first. You can't have it." "Give it here.
I saw it first myself. Hand it over, or I'll smash you!" The bigger boy advanced threateningly. "I won't!" the other whimpered, clasping the box tightly under his jacket. He started to run, but the bigger fellow was too quick for him. He pounced

across the sidewalk, and soon the twain were struggling in the snowdrift, pummeling one another with might and main. "I
told you so!" commented
Miss Terry from behind the curtain. "Here's the first show of the
beautiful Christmas spirit that is supposed to be abroad. Look at the little
beasts fighting over something that neither of them really wants!"
Just then Miss Terry spied a blue-coated figure leisurely approaching. At
the same moment an instinct seemed to warn the
struggling urchins. "Cop!"
said a muffled voice from the pile of arms and legs, and in an instant two black shadows were flitting down the street; but not before the bigger boy had wrenched the box from the pocket of the little chap. "So that is the end of experim