#176 Per Feed Preferences



You already have a global preference to set "iTunes
genre", I assume this is actually the genre of the
track which iTunes will of course use.

I would like to see this plus any author, album and
other information configurable on a feed basis. I
would like to be able to override album etc as some
feeds are very inconsistant or I'd just like it called
something else.

Juice 2.2 seems to set the Group to "Podcast" (but not
always - a bug?), I'd like to set this up per feed as
well so that I could have "SF Book
Podcast", "Astronomy Podcast" etc.

It would be nice to be able to modify or replace the
name of a pos cast as well, perhaps using a template
which could access date/time and other information.

I am currently having to do a lot of cleanup to ensure
that the podcasts are consistantly placed and my smart
playlists work.


  • Jonathan Abbey
    Jonathan Abbey

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    Second this.

    I'm using a Zen Sleek mp3 player, and it organizes
    everything internally based on the ID3 codes embedded in the
    mp3 files.

    I would **love** it if Juice could be configured so that it
    would set the ID3 Genre code to 'Podcast' for all mp3's it
    downloads, so that my Zen can keep all of the transient
    podcasts in one place, rather than scattered all over.

    It's nice that there's an iTunes preferences setting, but
    unless it actually rewrites the ID3 tag, it does me no good.