ipmiutil-2.8.7 is released

The ipmiutil-2.8.7 release is now posted on sourceforge at http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net.

12/13/2012 ARCress ipmiutil-2.8.7 changes
Always compile Windows with Visual Studio (fixes bug#3592308)
scripts/ipmi_info - new, to set IPMI System Info if supported
scripts/Makefile.am - added ipmi_info
doc/ipmiutil.spec - added ipmi_info
util/ipmims.cpp - fix memory leak
lib/lanplus/lanplus.c - if HP, don't build any v1.5 commands
util/ipmilanplus.c - add hp case to ipmi_oem_active()
configure.in - fixup for HP-UX case
util/isol.c - add -k for keepalive timeout
util/isensor.c - revised output format for -c
util/ipmilanplus.c - fix keepalive data_len in Windows (#3592308)
util/ialarms.c - add -e to skip disk enclosure LEDs
util/oem_intel.c - add rcmd method for Romley disk LEDs

Posted by Andy Cress 2012-12-17