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   Thanks for your quickly reply

Below is dell power control options

Reset server---------------reboot server without powering off (warm boot)

Power cycle server------ power off, then reboots the server (cold boot)


I test in more servers, just find some server which is bonding lsi 1068E sas card will occur this issue

I do think it is a hardware issue, can you give me some advice?

Well, I can't really give any advice.  It might be a hardware issue, but it likely has nothing to do with IPMI.  You will need to deal with the people that designed the system.



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All ipmitool does is send chassis control messages to the BMC to perform these operations.  Since you seem to work for Dell, you will have to ask the people in your company that developed the system what these operations do.


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IPMITOOL devel team:

  Hi ,sorry for my disturb , I occur one ipmitool issue ,can you help me?


DELL R710 +SAS1068E+non-raid disks

Centos 5.5


First do DD test to some disk ,we use ipmitool power reset test that time

Then we often find some disks go to offline, need replug it ,it will back to online

But use power cycle ,no this issue


Can you tell me why? When use power reset ,as I know ,it is a hard reset, are all the parts (HD, CPU) will go to off then on ?


I can't speak to the specific scenario you're working on, but I don't have to force a drive reset by removing and reinserting drives in the r710 I have access to at work; it has a Perc6 card with older firmware. Try swapping out the battery and the card with known working parts to diagnose the issue further.