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OK, Houston, we have a wee problem here...

OK, so I know if you read the last news that you were expecting to new version by now; so was I!!!

What's happened is the core script that runs the app has been re-factored, which as it's author (Paul Batterly) said, needed done, it was getting out of hand
This meant the way this app works needed rejigged a bit more han I was expecting and also some personal life stuff happened. Sorry, these things often do.
I was almost done (as you can see if you get the latest build which might not actually build) but now the BBC have changed the way their servers work. They see to be messing up the file s a bit, so you can still download them. They just won't play.
A solution has been found, but until I can get some help adding the decoding method into the app it's all at bit of a stop right now.
If you're reading this and you can code objective-C, want to lend a hand, and know how to get things going again, please by all means e-mail me etc. to join in!!
Hopefully, once the decoding method is added, we can have 1.2 out ASAP.... read more

Posted by wizard_drongo 2008-06-10

iPlayer Downloader 1.2 almost ready!

Title says it all, but I'm having some problems getting the last few bugs out before I'll update all the download sites and release this version.
Features a much better script that actually does the download (thanks again to the wonderful Paul Batterly for it!) that supports resuming downloads, and I'm putting in a preference setting pane that allows you to choose the directory for downloads (it already remembers which one you chose last time), as well as a few interface tweaks (warning before Quit, tidied layout etc.).
I'd like to put in something like a dock-icon bouncing to indicate end of download and the like to, but I am busy with Uni work so this may have to wait a week or two.

Posted by wizard_drongo 2008-04-24

New Version

OK, so the projects online now, with the 1.1 release in the Files section now, and the Subversion server now has the current build (or at least, it should do!).
Any developers that want to come on in and lend a hand, I'd be more that happy, since programming is quite new to me and there are probably better ways of doing what I've done, and newer features that an experienced developer could easily add.

Posted by wizard_drongo 2008-04-22