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64 bit Support Added to iPhile

iPhile allows users to mount an iPhone or iPod Touch device as a drive under windows. Either the sandbox or the entire filesystem will be mounted, depending on whether the device is jailbroken.

There is now a 64 bit version of iPhile! This actually consists of a 64 bit version of the driver, and a modified 32 bit version of everything else. The main program must be 32 bit, because the Apple libraries used to communicate with the iPhone are 32 bit.... read more

Posted by Marc Saint 2009-11-18

Support for iTunes 9.02

iPhile has been updated to support iTunes 9, and the installer has been updated to provide web installs of missing .NET components as needed.

A 64 bit version of iPhile will be released in the near future. In fact, the only remaining obstacle the difficulty of getting a valid driver signature that will allow installation on 64 bit Windows OS's.

Posted by Marc Saint 2009-11-10

iPhile Installer Posted

The download page now offers a Windows installer that installs both iPhile and the Dokan driver required by iPhile.

Posted by Marc Saint 2009-05-09

Status and Planned Changes

iPhile 0.1.0 successfuly mounts the iPhone file system under Windows, and supports all of the basic file operations except file locking (since so many operations request this, iPhile currently returns no error but does not really lock the file!!), and random access for writing (it allows the caller to TRY to seek when writing, but returns an error if the requested position is not the current position. This works for most things, since most programs actually write sequentially).... read more

Posted by Marc Saint 2009-05-09