upnp - ssdp help needed (iqfire)

  • migatux

    Please, help me find a solution for ssdp (upnp service discovery, port 1900) communication.

    I use boxee on my notebook( as media controller/player software and avm fritz.box (dsl-router w/ upnp feature enabled) as media server( iqfire is running on notebook. Rules should be implemented in "unprivileged" user scope.

    Iqfire console log (boxee is searching for media server  and connects to fritz.box):

    OUT:  |UDP|> NEW                               
    IN:   |UDP|> NEW                               
    OUT:  |UDP|> STREAM                            
    IN:   |UDP|> STREAM                            
    OUT:  |IGMP| SRC: -> DST: |GROUP:|{IGMPv3 Membership Report }|IGMP                                                                                                         
    IN:   |UDP|> NEW                                 
    IN:   |UDP|> STREAM

    as you can see, its not possible to implement this in one stateful rule. I had to create two rules and I dont know how to catch src. port == dest. port  (here 48037, but can be any other port number)

    Any suggestions? Michael.

  • Giacomo S
    Giacomo S

    Stateful rules pertain only to TCP connections (and a very simple implementation (new/stream) for UDP. and ICMP - address based).
    Any other protocol is not supported as far as stateful connection is concerned.
    If that above works for you, then you can choose to allow port 1900 udp both as source and dest in the two involved directions.