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#7 -quota [%[:network/mask]]

Robert J. Wilson

- - - DRAFT - - -

-q --quota [%[:seconds[:network/mask]]]

This allows an iPerf server process to run 24x7 without the risk of a denial of service attack. This argument limits the duty cycle for both TCP and UDP tests to "%" duty cycle per "seconds" interval for any traffic to or from the "network/mask". For example, "-q 10:300" limits all tests to 10% of 300 seconds or a total of 30 seconds every five minutes.

If the "network/mask" is omitted, the quota applies to all traffic regardless of the source or destination. Using the IP address(es) of the iPerf server, limits traffic per target IP. Thus one iPerf server with multiple network interfaces, one on a "best effort" and the other on a "premium" network can have quotas that match the maximum, tolerable network overhead.

There can be multiple "network/mask" to identify specific, trusted testing sources. Thus a network management team can have a much larger quota to support timely, fault isolation.

When a test is requested, the quota is used to limit the test duration based upon the remaining interval quota remaining. As soon as all quota is used, connection attempts are refused, both TCP and UDP, until the interval has elapsed and the quota renewed.

- - - DRAFT - - -

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Bob Wilson