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#25 touchscreen problem

Alexey Shipulya

Touch screen works wrong for me on 2012-10-30 release. From top to bottom of screen it goes wrong. So I cant press on screen keyboard or apps button. Win Mobile works fine.


  • Alvin Wong
    Alvin Wong

    Can you use the keyboard (navigation keys) to start the app "Dev Tools" and start the "Pointer Location" tool? It can display touchscreen actions, provided that the touchscreen is being detected, so you should be able to see if it is wrong coordinates or not detected at all.

    A possible cause... have you been using an older version but didn't updated all the files? Basically files other than userdata.img and cache.img should be replaced.

  • "Pointer location" shows that it is wrong coordinates.
    I'm not using old version. I download last 2012-10-30 (all files from this release).
    Another problem: after switch off (sleep) and switch on it freezes.
    Thanks for the answer!

  • Alvin Wong
    Alvin Wong

    If it is inverted upside down, it should be a problem of not updating all files as stated above. Have you tried to replace the files?

    The problem regarding crashing after suspend/resume is mentioned in ticket [#15]



    Tickets: #15

    Last edit: Alvin Wong 2013-04-15
  • It's not inverted. It just points higher then I press, so I cant reach bottom of the screen. I can attach photo later, if it helps.
    I tried to clear sd card and place all files from ipaq214android.sdboot.tar.xz
    I will try another releases...

  • Alvin Wong
    Alvin Wong

    So here comes my thoughts:

    The current releases has the touchscreen pre-calibrated based on my device. Since the iPAQ 214 uses a resistive touchscreen, the same calibration may not always work for all devices, even for the same model/batch.

    So the conclusion is that I will need to find/write a calibration program and find a method to gracefully store them and use them. (Current thoughts is to use the recovery system to perform the action, but still need to investigate.