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The mistake in archive is corrected

The mistake in archive is corrected. Load archive ip9100d2_beta1a.tar.gz

Posted by M_Abakumov 2006-09-19

The new version of system ip9100d (2 beta 1) is accessible

Program is intended for indemnification of hardware restrictions four-channel IP video servers Aviosys
and realizes following functions:

1. Formation jpeg-files with the image separately for each cam in real time
2. The motion detector separately for each cam
3. A filtration of casual operations on the basis of the factor of time
4. A filtration of casual operations on the basis of samples of photos
5. Association of several events in one on the basis of time factors
6. The notification about movement by e-mail
7. The notification about movement through SMS
8. Conducting a database of events of the detector with classification
9. The control and clearing a hard disk over excess of admissible size of archive
10. Automatic blocking at overflow of disk space
11. Formation of the reduced images for viewing from mobile phones

Posted by M_Abakumov 2006-09-18

ip9100d - daemon of video observation for Aviosys IP9100X

The first beta-version of the program is published. Formation of four independent images for each cam, the elementary detector of motion with preservation of sequence of images separately for each cam is realized. In the near future it is planned to add sending of disturbing messages on e-mail, support of work with databases

Posted by M_Abakumov 2006-05-16