#32 improve Windows build

Scott Burleigh

Jeff Lippincott provided a comprehensive list of all the problems he ran into when building ION for Windows; some of these have already been addressed, and the rest pertain to programs which had never before been included in the Windows build. At minimum the MinGW Makefile should be upgraded to include those missing programs that build properly. In addition, some or all of the programs that don't build properly in MinGW should be adapted to Windows as necessary.


  • Scott Burleigh
    Scott Burleigh

    We now have additional information from Jeff that will further improve the ION Windows build. Those improvements will be implemented in version 3.3.0.

  • Scott Burleigh
    Scott Burleigh

    Clarification of the scope of this ticket:

    Marshall Space Flight Center has a need to do ION-based development in a Visual Studio environment, without MinGW. They have successfully performed this port with local modifications; those changes need to be imported into the ION baseline so that the port can be readily upgraded as enhancements and bug fixes are added to ION.

    Some elements of ION that are unavoidably dependent on pthreads will be omitted from the new ION4WIN port.

  • Scott Burleigh
    Scott Burleigh

    Clarifying the clarification in the preceding comment: the new changes from Jeff just enable ION-based applications to be developed in Visual Studio. ION itself is still built with MinGW -- no change there.

    This bug is addressed by the bug-0032-visual-studio feature branch in the repository.



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