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Development Snapshot 2 for Version 2004.07.30-post

Second development snapshot (DS) available in iometer-devel package which contains the changes
that came after the release of 2004.07.30 - beside others:

- #1186329 : iometer-2004.07.30-post.DS1.Rick001AioCancelTry2.patch by
Rick Altherr (Patch that fixes an Completion Queue issue and ensures
that all AIO requests are canceled if the Grunt has finished a test).
- #1186314 : iometer-2004.07.30-post.DS1.Ming017CharDevicesForRaw.patch
by Ming Zhang (Patch that adds support for char devices to support
raw devices).
- #1184731 : iometer-2004.07.30-post.Ming010CpuAffinity.patch by
Ming Zhang (adds CPU affinity support for Linux and Windows).
- #1184663 : iometer-2004.07.30-post.Ming005TargetDiskOverflow.patch
by Ming Zhang (Patch applying the fix submitted by moozart@gmx.de
which resolves a serious overflow in the IOTargetDisk.cpp file).
- #1184655 : iometer-2004.07.30-post.Ming003Gcc34Support.patch by
Ming Zhang (Adds support for the gcc 3.4 compiler).

Posted by Daniel Scheibli 2005-05-21