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#25 Write per-interval values for results display to file

Peter Learmonth

Need an option/feature to save the values of the bars in the results display to a file (either the normal output CSV or a separate file). THere are tests we do where during the IOmeter run we inject some change, fault or task into the environment and measure the impact to the IOmeter performance. Examples of such changes are failing some component such as a disk of a RAID array, starting some other job that consumes resources in a way that may affect the IOmeter job, changing a setting, etc. It isn't practical to have a series of IOmeter jobs and injecting changes in between when several things need to be injected, a range of changes needs to be tested, or the effect is not instantaneous.

The idea is that the values of each bar of the Results Display would be written (probably in CSV format) to a file on the same user-selected update frequency. The resulting data can then be charted vs time. Bonus points for a timestamp on each line / interval.

Double bonus points for a new tab in the IOmeter GUI with a chart function vs. time.

This feature would be somewhat analogous to sar <interval> <count>, iostat <interval> or sysstat on a NetApp device.