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DataInvestigator Breaks 200 Downloads

Major Milestone! (I guess). The total number of downloads has exceeded 200. Pretty cool.

No feedback yet though. I suppose this either means:
- It's perfect.
- It's horrible and useless.

Hopefully the first option is closer to the truth.

Posted by Andrew Beardsley 2006-07-31

DataInvestigator 0.0.1 Released

The first version of DataInvestigator was officially released today. This initial version allows users to attach the DataInvestigator front-end to a SQL Server database and begin querying tables.

More Information:
DataInvestigator is designed for those times when you either:
Have a local or remote database, but no interface and you need to know what's inside or,
Want to provide a simple on line query interface to advanced users.... read more

Posted by Andrew Beardsley 2006-06-11