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It's a start

Set up some initial information.
The program should be translated in as many languages as possible in the end, but I did not find that option. Whoever already likes the idea is free to drop tips on the project.
The feats planned so far
• Different modes( for example: very chatty = offering advice - silent =
context help only)
• Accessibility: Font-size of advice can be magnified, color blind friendly
• Aid user in avoiding harmful websites. ( for example with web of trust)
• No patronizing stance in the texts, targets are adults and elderly.
• Aid user in basic use of navigating with the browser, internet naming con-
ventions for things around email, browsing securely and scamming dan-
• Teach privacy practises, like not giving credentials to any website that
asks or posting everything on social media.

Posted by Einzig 2011-02-10