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Interscript / News: Recent posts

Interscript 1.0 alpha 11 Released

Interscript is a Literate Programming tool, written in Python.

After five years of solid use, Interscript (http://interscript.sf.net)
has finally been released. Users and developers are urgently
needed to continue development of this package.

Posted by John Skaller 2001-06-18

Interscript moves to sourceforge

Interscript has moved home to SourceForge!
Interscript is a new, high power literate programming tool. Developers (and an assistant administrator) are needed to further this project.

The complete literate programmed source code is provided as a home page at http://interscript.sourceforge.net

have a look, and mail me at mailto:skaller@maxtal.com.au if you're interested

Posted by John Skaller 2000-02-04