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#176 Cannot edit newly created complex reactions

Kristian Axelsen


When I create a complex reaction, I cannot edit it just after approving it. The latest added reaction remains locked. In the example below I tried to edit Rhea:25771 consisting of Rhea:25764 and 25768.

"The reaction with ID 25771 cannot be modified now: you are already locking reaction ID 25768, which locks reaction IDs [25767, 25770, 25768, 25769]."



  • I just logged out, and there were two new reactions that were still locked. I just created 25767 before 25771, so they are the two. 25763 existed already but was updated first.


  • Fixed in the last deployed version of the curator tool (1.4.1).
    In fact, I think every elementary reaction remained unlocked...

    I hope just redeploying the application will do, but please let me know if RHEA:25771 is still locked (in which case, I'm afraid I'll have to restart the server).

    • status: open --> closed-fixed