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Software Update Manager Wanted

If you would like to manage the IntelliDate software update file (a file containing most of the more popular software updates), contact . This job requires knowledge of the IntelliDate data file (Pretty easy to understand, the current one is located at ) and later, will require management of an XML-based data file (Current one is located at but is slightly outdated, will be updated when the XML-based code is finished).

Posted by Simon Kornblith 2001-05-31

IntelliDate on break

On May 1, I will be going on a two week vacation. This means that IntelliDate development will cease for two weeks, including all updates to the database. If you are wondering why there have been no snapshot releases in the past two weeks, it is because I have hit a speed bump in development: it seems there is no way to search for an application by creator code.

I hope I can fix this problem when I get back, but for now, you can get a taste of what is to come by going to . This is the new XML-based file format, which will be integrated into the next release.... read more

Posted by Simon Kornblith 2001-05-31

A GUI for IntelliDate

IntelliDate's latest snapshot includes a new GUI, something which makes IntelliDate comparable to commercial automatic update solutions. I expect that this could revolutionize update software, considering that all update software at the moment is commercial. If you want to see where IntelliDate is headed, look at the latest snapshot (051201). It's available at

Posted by Simon Kornblith 2001-05-13

IntelliDate Snapshots

A new idea has been introduced to IntelliDate: snapshots. Since at the moment CVS is not used with IntelliDate, developers may want to get the latest development version of IntelliDate. To do this, they can download the weekly snapshot. Each snapshot includes the entire contents of the regular IntelliDate package, plus source files. Note that although snapshots may look like final versions, they are not and shouldn't be used on production machines unless you have thoroughly tested them for bugs.

Posted by Simon Kornblith 2001-05-06

Initial release of IntelliDate

Here it is for public consumption, the initial release of IntelliDate. IntelliDate is an automatic updater for Mac which is based on AppleScript. You can get it at

Note: There's a new version of IntelliDate now, even though the other one was out for less than an hour. It fixes a major bug.

Posted by Simon Kornblith 2001-05-01

Two new ways to add updates to your update database

There are now two user-friendly ways to add updates to your update database. The Update Preparation Tool runs on any Mac and allows you to create and upload an update to a server, with an automated internal mirroring function. The Update Submission Tool is a perl CGI that runs on any perl-enabled system and allows you to add an update to your update database remotely. Get both at

Posted by Simon Kornblith 2001-04-29