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Internal Chat Client v.5.6.7 is out

Internal Chat Client 5.6.7 is released. It is a maintenance release which can solve some Linux users problems (freeze of application for 10-15 seconds when too much data in clipboard buffer).

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2009-04-05

Internal Chat 5.6.6 is released

And again newer release of Internal Chat (both client and server parts) is ready. This is a maintenance release: some code cleanup and a couple of non-critical problems solved.

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2009-03-12

Internal Chat Server 5.6.5 is released

New maintenance version of Internal Chat Server is out. Very specific bug concerned multithreading XML-object serialization was fixed. No such bug was observed in Internal Chat 5.5 (based on DOM4J) - suppose problem in Xerces DOM implementation.

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2009-02-05

Internal Chat 5.6.4 is released

This is a maintenance release. Cookie issue leaded sometimes to cycled client reconnection is fixed. If you observe such a behavior you should upgrade to this release.

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2009-01-19

Internal Chat (Enterprise Instant Messenger) v.5.6.3 is out

New version of Internal Chat (both client and server parts) is ready. It is a maintenance release without any new features. Nevertheless I highly recommend to upgrade up to this version.

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2009-01-16

Internal Chat 5.6.2 is released

I'm glad to introduce v.5.6-branch of Internal Chat. 5.6.0 and 5.6.1 were internal releases.

The major work was done on XML-part of Internal Chat. I have completely rewritten all XML-classes to make Internal Chat lighter, less in size (especially client part).

Starting from this release it is possible to deploy client part using Java Web Start. See documentation for details.

Also some improvements for Java 5 compatibility were done.... read more

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2008-12-30

Internal Chat Client 5.5.23 is released

New maintenance release 5.5.23 of Internal Chat Client is out. It contains some improvements and fixes and is made to be more compact than before.

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2008-11-29

Internal Chat Client 5.5.21 is out

New release of Internal Chat Client is ready. Some work was done to handle Look and Feel change correctly. Also application was tested under new Sun's Look-n-Feel - Nimbus.

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2008-11-11

Internal Chat 5.5.20 "Java 5 Edition" is released

Internal Chat Server 5.5.20 is released. Together with Internal Chat Client 5.5.20 they form "Java 5 Edition": the main work on this release was around of backporting of client to Java 2 SE 5. Now it is done, and you can use Internal Chat even if you do not have any widely used Java 6 VM for your platform (in particular, Mac OS X).

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2008-10-31

Internal Chat Client 5.5.20 is out

New version of Internal Chat Client is released. The main feature of this release is that client may now be started under Java 2 SE 5 virtual machine (only J2SE6+ was required before). So, Mac OS X users (as you know, there is a problem with Java 6 on Mac) are now with us.

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2008-10-30

Internal Chat Client 5.5.19 is out

This release differs slightly from 5.5.18, but I decided to publish it. Some minor improvements were made for message type ACLs visualization, nothing more. Nevertheless, I highly recommend to use the most recent software version. If you have earlier releases, update to this one.

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2008-10-20

Internal Chat Client was updated to 5.5.18

In this release I finally finished the client part or message types ACLs (Access Control Lists; server side had been programmed initially, 1.5 years ago).

It was the problem for me - to decide how these ACLs must work from the visual point of view. The very simple solution was found: now if somebody doesn't have an access to some specific message type, he becomes light-gray (with the gray icon too) in users tree and he couldn't be selected as recipient of this message type.... read more

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2008-10-19

Internal Chat Client 5.5.17 is released

Internal Chat Client 5.5.17 was released today.

This is the maintenance release with some improvements concerned the quick user search and default client settings.

Try Internal Chat yourself, advice it to your friends, send me your wish lists. I can make it better with your help.

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2008-10-15

Internal Chat Server 5.5.18 is released

New version of Internal Chat Server (5.5.18) is released.

There are a lot of changes inside: HTTP engine (Jetty) was updated to 6.1.11, some minor bugs were fixed, great work was done transforming server code to "threadless" model (using Jetty's Continuations). So you can expect lower system resources acquired by server process than before.

Some database optimization was performed - now IntChatServer uses two database connection pools, one for "usual" queries and another for "heavy" ones.... read more

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2008-09-17

Internal Chat is updated

Both client and server parts were recently updated and now available for download. You are welcome!

The major improvements: server config is outside of the JAR from now, special Win32 build based on TanukiSoftware service wrapper, additional configuration parameters in client.

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2008-08-06

Internal Chat Server v.5.5.12 with MySQL support is ready

I'd like to announce a new version of Internal Chat Server. The mail goal of this release - to make MySQL to be fully supported by server. And now this work is done.

We use PostgreSQL in production and I have no real data about MySQL in such (or similar) conditions, but all the synthetic tests were passed. I wish it were enough.

If you find some problem with MySQL, please, mail me as soon as possible.

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2008-04-30

Internal Chat Client v.5.5.12 is out

Two useful features added - quick user search and minimization to tray setup.

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2008-04-25

Internal Chat Sever/Client 5.5.11 are ready for download

Current stable builds of both client and server components are ready for your download.

Please, read release notes in Download section if you want to know more about changes.

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2008-04-23

Internal Chat v.5.5.9 was updated

I have added Win32 wrappers to the binary distros. Now Windows users can run Client as ordinary Windows applications, and Server as ordinary Windows service.

Posted by Andrew Orlov 2007-11-24