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No further development planned.

Critical bugs will be fixed, but there will be no further development until I get the time again.

Thanks for downloading the code!

Posted by Jeremy Liu 2009-02-08

Fixed image title for "Male"

The "title" property (you will see through mouse-over) for Male icon said "Female". 1.03b fixed this issue.

You can manually fix this by editing the following files:

/template/default/_msg.inc.tpl /template/default/admin/msg.inc.tpl /template/default/export/msg.inc.tpl

and correcting the following line: <img class="usrgb-icon" src="${assets_path}/male16.png" alt="Male" title="Female"/> ... read more

Posted by Jeremy Liu 2008-06-26


You can find a live demo here:



Posted by Jeremy Liu 2008-06-12