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cannot boot into windows

  • nimish123

    after i used instlux form the opensuse 10.3 it booted into the installer but then aborted because the cd failed a verification. However at the windows bootloader screen there are 2 options : Vista Ultimate, and opensuse-10.3 instlux. However, both of them cause the instlux installer thing to boot the installer kernel instead of going into windows. There is no way to boot back into windows, the ultimate disc's boot fixer fails.

    Is there any way for me to force windows to load instead of instlux's thing?

    • Instlux modifies the c:\boot.ini file. It looks like there is an error on this file. So you need to boot into your system using another one and edit that file. You can use either a livecd from any distro (that has ntfs-write support) or a rescue disquet from your Windows. If this does not work, please submit this into the opensuse bugzilla http://en.opensuse.org/Submitting_Bug_Reports .

      It looks like you are using Windows Vista, isn't it? That maybe the problem. I wrote instlux for WindowsXP and Windows98. The opensuse guys may have added some code for Windows Vista (I am not sure about that) as they have the right to commit into the svn. If you use the bugzilla you'll get to them.

      thanks for using instlux and for your feedback,

    • Dan

      The easiest way to fix a problem like this is to put the Windows installation disc back into your computer and let it fix any problems.  One of the first things it will do is repair the boot manager (Windows Vista's version of the boot.ini file).

      Sadly, grub4dos does not yet provide full support for Windows Vista.  I've run into many problems during the development of my very own installer, much like Instlux, that supports everything from Windows 95 to Windows Vista.  However, I've only seen the problem you've experienced once and it was not something that I was able to reproduce....

      If you are feeling brave after fixing Windows, it might be worthwhile to try installing Instlux again.  It will most likely work this time.

      Oh and by the way, I was the one who made Instlux support Windows 98 :P