Ubuntu without CD or network

  • intelligencium

    Is it possible to use instlux to install ubuntu on a laptop with no CD drive and network card? My thinkpad x60 doesnt have CD drive and though it has network card, but it is not getting detected by instluxNETUbuntu. I have downloaded the iso image, but I'm unable to proceed further. Any help is appreciated!

    • If the network card is not detected it means that Ubuntu won't detect it either. I am sorry but I can not help you a lot with that. You can do two things:

      1) Add extra parameters to the kernel
      2) Try other versions of instlux with newer kernels

      1) You can pass extra parameters by editing the c:\menu.lst. Try looking at the Ubuntu site or googling. You may find that you need to pass extra parameters in order to make your network work. Sometimes it works by disabling the support for the power management (acpi=off).

      2) Try the latest versions of instlux or try other distros.

      I am afraid I can not help you any more than that. Anyway, thanks for the feedback.