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In the first , I'm sorry for my english,
I come from country where english is no official language, but I say all things that I want say in simply-easy language, I hope that you understand all of my thoughts.

I have a some problem with contruction install of my patch in InstallJammer

I would like to do such a thing:

(after build install)
When I choose destination (Select Destination) after that installer will check that specific files (4 files) are exist
If that files not been in destination folder (instal destination folder) the installator will be comment that "destination folder is wrong, please choose destination when game was install" , and now we will can choose other destination

If in destination folder that we choose -> when in this folder will be that required four (4) files , the installer will copy packfiles andinstall patch

I have all things other but i don't know how do this thing that i write under - with destination with 4 filesthat exist inthis folder before install patch (installer)

I read more topic in this forum but all similar things not working in my patch when i do it in installjammer....

I read the most similar topic like this -
by user "hsehdar"
How to Exit Install when Dependency file not found

but when I do it (one any from three hsehdar points) I cant good do that simply thing (with only 1 required files- if this file not exist hat my patch will exit) - for example

for example - from 1 hsehadar point - wih exit -> (this is no work what i do wrong?) ->

I wanted try do simply thing - that after when we select destination - when the only one file (look on condition in 2 image) that name "dar.res" is exist in folder when we want install my-this patch , if it exist that we can instal patch but when file name "dar.res" not exist that install patch exit.

look on the image - I do it like there - and it doesn't work that I want it work (it doesn't work as if I wanted it to work)



all other point that write hsehdar not work :( mayby I do something wrong , but what? - I do many , really most many atemps and always my patch not do thing that I want it do

I dont want do this simply hsehdr points (but also that simly thing i cant doing -not working) but I want do harder thing that i write a the beginning (with 4 files that when if its exist in specify folder that we select to destination install, that patch we can install, when its not exist in destination which we picked , that patch not install and we will see comment "destination folder is wrong, please choose destination when game was install" and see select destination window - we can install this patch only in localization with that 4 require files, - for example files name: 1- dat.res, 2- frid.res, 3- arg/tom.buil [this file "tom.buil" is on additional next folder name arg] , 4- ces.res and only if it was in this folder, the install will continue - when installer doing next thing like unpack files, and other tasks[tasks that working already] that I appointed )

I dont know how I can do it, I use installjammer in version 1.2.15

And the next simply problem that i want ask you is how i can delete this text "InstallJammer" - this text from red borders in image number3 ?

I think that brightly I handed over what I mean -

please tell me what I must do step by step - mayby with image if you can

I ask you for help me


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