InspIRCd 1.1.8 with native windows support released

InspIRCd 1.1.8 is now available, containing loads of stuff. We're a little overdue on this one, we planned a release last weekend, but we ran out of time, and wanted more testing, and so we put it off until this week.

1.1.8 is the first release in the 1.1.x branch to include Windows support, and the first inspircd release ever to compile natively, not with cygwin. This isn't guaranteed stable, of course, as it's such a new addition. We'd class the windows version as 'beta'. It should work, but it might blow up in your face.

I'd like to thank Burlex for the significant help and time he invested into helping us get this done.

Kudos also to Brain for the sterling work he did on getting the 1.0.7 GUI for windows to work with 1.1, and making it work snazzier.

More kudos to Craig for the nice work he's doing on the new GUI which should show up sometime in the future - keep your eyes on the blog for news on that one - it's looking great.

Thanks to satmd, Bricker and Brain for helping fix an elusive desync bug between servers and clients (nothing serious, just irritating).

Thanks also to other great people for your help in testing, patching, reporting bugs or simply giving us ideas: HiroP, click, eggy, djGrr, dmb, satmd, Eric and anyone I've missed out.

Here's hoping this is a good release - it's got some pretty big changes.

As always, bugs can be kept as pets, or reported on IRC ( #inspircd) and tracker.

Posted by Craig Edwards 2007-05-26