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InspIRCd v1.1.0-diamond released!


For those of you who don't know what InspIRCd is yet, it is a scaleable, high performance expandable IRC server package, which offers many of the features of other IRC servers in a well designed modular form.

The 1.0 release was a mistake. We apologise most sincerely for that. 1.1 is what 1.0 should have been, but we rushed. With segfaults pouring in, along with hard to replicate bugs, we sat back and took stock. 1.1 is the culmination of the process that began with 1.0's stabilisation, around 1.0.7. We ripped out the faulty parts of the linking protocol (primarily channel synchronisation and mode handling between links), we ripped out the mode parser, we ripped out the line handler. We ripped out large tracts of hard to understand, or hard to maintain code and worked them over, rewrote them, killing off bugs and opportuities for bugs.

When this process was completed, we launched beta1. From there, more minor cleanups (such as in the SQL api) have been performed, and some more minor features have been introduced, such as ziplinks for server links, and the replacement of AES between server links with SSL, which is what we should have done originally.

1.1's performance on small and large networks is quite an improvement, both on 1.0 and on other IRCd offerings. For reference, a (real world) server with 3,900 clients is currently idling away at 30mb RAM usage, and 2% constant CPU use. Quite an achievement.

Our focus for now and the future is the same as ever, stability, performance, modularity, and customisability. InspIRCd will continue to strive to be one of the leading IRCd offerings, and to better itself both based on user feedback and developer ideas.

We have already commenced planning for 1.2, and it is at this juncture where we think (and you, the end users) seem to think 1.1 is ready for production use on production networks, with all the features and more you could possibly want in an IRCd, with performance and stability to match.

When can I get 1.1?

Right now!

What's New In 1.1?

SSL Support

InspIRCd now supports SSL between server to server links, in replacement of the custom AES encryption previously supported. As before, either the GnuTLS or OpenSSL libraries may be used.

Ziplinks Support

InspIRCd can optionally zip server to server traffic, to compress bandwidth usage. This requires the zlib compression library.

SQL Authentication

InspIRCd contains a FREE module for authenticating users on connection, which may be integrated with third party software. Now with support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

Faster Building

The 1.1 branch of IRCd contains an overhauled build system, which has split the biggest module (server to server linking) across a number of files, decreasing build time and RAM use during build

More focused logging

1.1 removes a lot of the 'overhead' logging from debug mode, meaning you'll no longer run out of hard drive in moments Wink

Vastly improved m_alias

Alias is now less crack, and more useful, along with the ability to create oper only aliases, real command aliases, and more. See also,

DNSBL module

InspIRCd no longer requires BOPM to detect and ban proxies, do it from within the same process using m_dnsbl! For more information, visit

SQL support

Adding to InspIRCd's support of MySQL, both PostgreSQL and SQLite are now supported. Additionally, all three SQL modules are non-blocking for queries, meaning your IRCd will not hang due to your SQL server being slow.

Non-blocking logging

InspIRCd is now the first IRCd with a non-blocking logger! It may seem like overkill, but there is always a chance (no matter how small) of a disk write blocking. With InspIRCd, this will not freeze your IRCd.

Reloadable core commands

Core commands can now be reloaded if a hotfix or patch is released

Un/reloadable modes

Modules implementing modes can now be unloaded and reloaded without a restart

DNS overhaul

InspIRCd's DNS system was reworked to use only one socket overall, rather than one per user. A significant saving of resources and time. Modules are now also easily able to utilise DNS in a non-blocking form, such as the dnsbl module.

Improved cloaking

Cloaking no longer sucks. Especially on IP addresess - it now cloaks per octet meaning you can still ban whole subnets!

InspIRCd Features

* Support for modern socket engines such as epoll and kqueue - scales to potentially tens of thousands of clients.
* Powerful totally modular design - Dont like it? Dont load it!
* Reloadable modes, commands, SQL, SSL, zip and even server linking
* Optional SQL support (SQL authentication, SQL oper, SQL logging) - works for mysql, postgresql and sqlite!
* You choose the encryption, MD5 or SHA256
* Spamfilter support - Block spambots, floodbots, trojans and viruses
* Support for a large number of modes found in other ircds - You don't need to sacrifice features to migrate your network to InspIRCd!
* Free versions of the paid modules of other ircds - Other ircd developers might make you pay, but we dont.
* Host masking/cloaking - Added security for users and opers on your network
* Timed bans - Have the server automatically remove bans for you, even if your client does not support it or you arent online
* Supported by atheme, ircservices, anope, denora etc. - Use the services you want, not the services we want (usually Image:Tongue.gif)
* Tidy efficient object-oriented codebase - Does the same thing other ircds do, with less!
* Strong community oriented support and development
* Active support

Where To Get Support

You can get support for inspircd on our irc server, or on our forums.

Posted by Robin Burchell 2007-02-01