InspIRCd v1.1.0-beta8-hamster released!

Hi again!

In keeping with our frenetic beta release schedules, beta8 is now available for public consumption.

This is primarily introducing a number of speed related changes in keeping with out testing and profiling, the main advantages of this should be seen on larger networks, but even smaller ones should note that CPU time consumed by the inspircd process is now staying quite low. Kudos to Brain, peavey and myself on this one. :p

One new feature has been introduced, the m_lockserv module (thanks, LeaChim and peavey) -- which allows administrators to lock their server to new connections, a handy addition during clone flooding or upgrades.

A number of fixes have been made to SQL related modules (great work, peavey), and to m_dnsbl (also thanks to peavey)

Enjoy the release, as usual, if you find a bug, you can keep it -- all cookies go to Om's shell waxing fund.

Posted by Robin Burchell 2007-01-03