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InspIRCd 1.1.x QA Call for Help


The time has come where we're starting to polish off the corners of 1.1, wrap up the last of the feature requests, and get down to the heavy business of testing and releasing what will be the biggest InspIRCd release to date, 1.1.

1.0 was, and still is a well performing IRCd, and provides an unequalled API for modules, but resting on laurels will get us nowhere, and so a number of months ago, we forked off 1.1 development to clean things up, add features, functionality, and clear up a few fundamental problems 1.0 experienced, including a number of design elements left over from when InspIRCd was C.

Now, a few months down the track, we're nearing the end of our endevours. The following is an abbreviated list of the substantial changes made:

* Mode parser rewrite
* Configuration parser rewrite
* Sockets subsystem rewrite
* DNS subsystem rewrite (including making it easier for modules to use, one of the few defects of our modules API)
* Line parser rewrite
* IPv6 support
* Modular channel prefixes - this is demonstrated in m_chanprotect, which now includes OPTIONAL ~& prefixes for +qa users
* SQL API rewrite, it's now nonblocking and such
* The first (?) non-blocking logging system
* Server notice masks
* Refactored module API to increase flexibility
* Increased OOP design
* Improved server to server protocol
* Support for postgresql in addition to mysql

The purpose of this post is not soley to announce our own efforts, but to encourage you all to join in and help out. Following a period of internal testing and final development, we plan to have a closed QA period shortly before the release of what will be 1.1.0-beta1.

This is your chance to help us out, and to test the cool stuff in the meantime :P.

If you're interested, please mail an application to myself (w00t) at with information about yourself (real name, age, location (as in country), IRC nickname, network information, IRC experience, why you wish to join the testing team, anything else you consider relevant). Please also ensure you idle on #inspircd at

Thanks, look forward to hearing from y'all soon - and here comes beta1!

-- w00t

Posted by Robin Burchell 2006-08-28