Einarc v1.3 released

Einarc is a universal storage RAID command line interface and an API that provides management for various hardware/software RAID devices, uniting them all in a single paradigm. Einarc works as a translator that makes it possible for a user to control all these devices using simple terms like "physical disc", "logical disc", "adapter", etc., while transparently converting these requests to proprietary RAID paradigms.

Version 1.3 is a major milestone update, bringing several important features and fixes for venerable v1.2:

  • Support for 3ware / AMCC controllers by Andras Horvath.
  • Full read/write support of Linux software RAIDs.
  • Updated all proprietary utilities URLs, pumped up version numbers, fixed wrapper regular expressions to support new versions of CLIs.
  • Added new calculated fields in adapter_info: PCI product/subproduct and vendor/subvendor IDs. These allow precise identification of PCI devices related to adapters shown by Einarc.
  • Fuller BBU support for Adaptec adapters.
  • Multiple stability and build fixes (Makefile now supports parallel execution with "make -j").
Posted by Mikhail Yakshin 2008-12-14