is it bug?

  • Gemate King
    Gemate King

    I'm using innotop 1.4.2.
    When I view Deadlock(press 'D') status a while, then press '?' for help, I got a error msg, and innotop crashed back to shell (see below).

    I try to recur this situation, but failed. Is it a bug?

    ________________________ Deadlock Transactions _________________________
    CXN  ID  Timestring  User  Host  Victim  Time  Undo  LStrcts  Query Text

    ________________________ Deadlock Locks ________________________
    CXN  ID  Txn Status  Mode  DB  Table  Index  Special  Ins IntentUse of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/bin/innotop line 3808, <FIN> line 1.

    • Baron Schwartz
      Baron Schwartz

      This is probably a bug.  What version of innotop are you using, and can you insert line 3808 please?  (The install process may alter the script so I am never sure which line is which).