Heya Patrick,

Untrue. I use Inkscape DXF many times with AutoCAD 2006 and SolidWorks too.
True about Robo. But it only add some specific tags to output. with or without that
option, dxf works fine.

Best wishes, Oleg

2009/8/28, Patrick <optomatic@rogers.com>:
Hi Oleg

Very true about the long time support of DXF within Inkscape. However
the DXF that "ships" with Inkscape at present is a minimal version that
was designed to work with the Robocutter(I think this is the right name)
Vinyl cutters. It cannot be opened with regular CAD software such as
Qcad or Autocad.

Have a great day-Patrick

C уважением, Коптев Олег
With respect, Oleg Koptev